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September 20, 2018

David Hunt Discusses Rates after the Financial Crisis (Podcast)

Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz interviews David Hunt, president and chief executive officer of Prudential Financial Inc.’s global investment management business, PGIM.

February 12, 2018
Bloomberg Markets

Next Crisis in Finance May Be Public Pensions, $1.2 Trillion Asset Manager Says

What’s on the list of concerns for a man who runs a $1.2 trillion asset manager? Swelling shortfalls in U.S. public pensions, according to PGIM Chief Executive Officer David Hunt.

November 01, 2017

Market shrugs off Fed's 'bland' comments on economy as it awaits Yellen replacement

The markets shrugged off the Fed's statement on Wednesday that suggested it was on track to hike raise interest rates in December, though it provided no new clues other than to sound more confident about the economy... 

"They didn't really raise any alarm bells," said Ed Keon, managing director and portfolio manager at QMA, a unit of PGIM. "They basically just kept it simple and straight forward."

"There's a certain benefit to a steady hand on the tiller, and they decided this is not a month to make news. This is a month to reassure that we're going to do what we said we're going to do," Keon said.

October 03, 2017
Wall Street Journal

PGIM’s Real Estate expert weighs in on the increased demand for EM real estate

Increasingly investors are showing more interest in commercial real estate in Asia, South America, and other emerging markets. According to a recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ), retail is an attractive property type in EMs now that growth rates are increasing and structural reforms are underway.

October 02, 2017
Bloomberg TV

David Hunt Sees Decline in Publicly Listed Companies

“Democratization of returns from capital markets is starting to erode. Until the fundamental problems of public markets are addressed, fast growing companies will continue to grow privately, and retail investors will not have access to as many high-growth companies.” - David Hunt, President and Chief Executive Officer, PGIM

September 25, 2017
Funds Europe

Emerging Markets: Emerging from the deep

In China, consumers can buy sweet potatoes from local markets using a mobile device. In a recent Funds Europe article, Taimur Hyat, Chief Strategy Officer for PGIM, states “this is emblematic of the growth story in emerging markets. The internet and fintech are far more ubiquitous in EM [emerging markets]. They have leapfrogged developed markets.” The Funds Europe article titled ‘Emerging Markets: Emerging from the deep,' uniquely positions the growth engine that is purring loudly in emerging markets.

August 01, 2017
Real Estate Forum

Women of Influence 2017

In its July/August 2017 issue, Real Estate Forum presented its 2017 roster of Women of Influence, selected from hundreds of nominations across the real estate industry. PGIM Real Estate's Lynn DeCastro was among 50 women chosen who are not only successful in their roles, but serve as an inspiration to people within the industry and their communities. DeCastro, an executive director, has more than three decades of industry experience and established PGIM Real Estate's women's leadership network in 2013. The group has since expanded to include diversity across race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and economic and geographic backgrounds. Over the last 12 months, she has completed more than 36 property dispositions worth $2.2 billion, acting on behalf of PGIM Real Estate's investors. She's also a member of the executive committee and advisory board for the Rutgers Center for Real Estate.

July 19, 2017
Women Executives

Women Executives: C-Suites Insight: David Hunt

PGIM President and CEO David Hunt discussed the need to correctly understand the ‘active-passive’ debate in a recent interview with Ellen Kinlin, CEO of the Kinlin Company, for her Women Executives C-Suite Insights blog. Hunt said, “Our active strategies are designed to work in an investor’s portfolio in such a way that they complement a selection of more easily accessible beta, which we believe also plays a role in many investors’ portfolios. In other words, this is a question of how alpha and beta should work together — and not a question of one or the other.” Hunt also discussed the role of alternatives in a portfolio, along with the need for increased diversity within the investment management industry.

June 19, 2017
Institutional Investor

The New Way to Invest in Emerging Markets

New research from PGIM challenges the conventional wisdom about emerging markets. The upshot? Say bye to indexing and hello to more sophisticated approaches.

June 17, 2017

PGIM’s Emerging Markets white paper featured in Barron’s

Barron’s, America’s premier financial magazine, recently featured PGIM’s latest megatrend white paper, Emerging Markets at the Crossroads. The article covers EMs as an investment growth driver over the next decade and references the themes to watch based on the research from the white paper. To take advantage of the opportunities, investors will need to rethink their reliance on index investing and opt for a more bottom-up, thematic approach to EM portfolio allocation that is active and benchmark-agnostic.

Download Emerging Markets at the Crossroads.