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Stock and credit markets continued flying high at the start of 2018, but soon hit an air pocket.

April 16, 2018

The second quarter 2018 edition of PGIM Fixed Income’s quarterly outlook leads off with “Air Pockets at Cruising Speed—Welcome to QT” by Robert Tipp, CFA, chief investment strategist and head of Global Bonds. In examining some prevalent market concerns, including quantitative tightening, Tipp provides some perspective on how investors might consider these issues after Q1’s volatility.

In addition to the outlook’s sector-specific commentary, the second quarter report also features the following perspectives:

  • In “The Global Economy at Cruising Velocity,” Nathan Sheets, Ph.D., chief economist and head of Global Macroeconomic Research, explains how the balance in global fundamentals served as a stabilizing factor during the recent market turbulence. Sheets also considers how U.S. fiscal policy, heightened trade tensions and recent developments in China might affect future conditions.
  • In “The LIBOR Questions,” PGIM Fixed Income considers the differences between LIBOR and SOFR (secured overnight financing rate) as the market digests SOFR as LIBOR’s proposed successor as the most common benchmark interest rate index.

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For media inquiries about PGIM Fixed Income’s quarterly outlook or to ask Robert Tipp or Nathan Sheets about the markets or global economy, please contact Claire Currie.

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