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October 18, 2017

In the latest edition of PGIM Fixed Income’s quarterly outlook, Nathan Sheets, PhD, Chief Economist and Head of Global Macroeconomic Research, looks at a global recovery that is often characterized as “sluggish,” but one that may ultimately be remembered for its durability.

“We expect global growth to continue at a solid pace through the next year or so, with inflation slowly rebounding,” Sheets writes. “Despite these generally favorable developments, we remain focused on potential storm clouds on the horizon.”

Coming off an eventful quarter complete with heightened geopolitical tensions, natural disasters, and monetary policy developments, Robert Tipp, CFA, Chief Investment Strategist and Head of Global Bonds, examines what might capture the markets’ attention in the quarters ahead.

“With Janet Yellen’s term expiring in February 2018 and a number of vacancies on the board, uncertainty about the course that the Fed’s next helmsman and the remaining board nominees may chart has become a leading theme of the market’s zeitgeist,” Tipp writes.

The outlook contains PGIM Fixed Income’s views on global rates, agency MBS, structured products, corporate debt, global leveraged finance, emerging market debt and municipal bonds. PGIM Fixed Income also makes several stops across the emerging markets with inserts on expectations for China’s 19th Party Congress and the nuanced evolution for EM corporate debt.

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For an interview with Nathan Sheets or Robert Tipp, please contact Claire Currie.